First Choice for Fleet Management in Beckenham, Penge & Sydenham

Choose Abbey MOT to manage your fleet of commercial vehicles, whether its diagnostics, repairs, servicing or even MOT testing, we are here for you and your fleet.

Whether you operate a large fleet of vehicles as part of a logistics operation, or just a small handful of rental vehicles, it’s incredibly important to know where to go for servicing, repairs and other essential aspects of automotive maintenance. This is where Abbey MOT comes in. Based in Sydenham and covering all surrounding areas, including Beckenham and Penge, we are a reliable and proven fleet management specialist.

We take a huge weight off your shoulders by handling all the “under the hood”, technical aspects of operating a commercial fleet, meaning you can concentrate 100% of your energy on providing a quality service. Whatever the size, type, make and model of vehicles within your fleet, our highly trained and experienced mechanics have the specialist knowledge required to keep vehicles in perfect working order.

Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

Noticed that one of your fleet’s vehicles is performing oddly, or is exhibiting signs of a serious fault? Give us a call. We can provide fast, accurate diagnostics using the latest and most advanced equipment. Combining the ECU fault codes we receive via this process, and the traditional diagnostics method of getting under the hood and taking a look first hand, there’s no problem that will stump us.

We can then carry out the required repairs, ensuring that your vehicle is off the road only for the minimum required time. After all, when operating a commercial fleet, any downtime can result in a significant loss of earnings. This is why clients around Sydenham, Beckenham, Penge and their surrounds choose us for fleet management solutions – to maintain or even improve margins, as well to ensure that they are covered against potential legal liabilities.

Another big part of our fleet management offering is handling all interim and annual servicing. Not only does regular vehicle servicing reduce the likelihood of breakdown, saving you significant sums on repairs and keeping your drivers safe at the wheel, but it drastically improves fuel efficiency. In a commercial environment where long, fuel-intensive journeys are part and parcel of what you do, this can mean huge savings that vastly outweigh the initial cost of servicing.

MOT Testing for Commerical Vehicles

It’s also important that, just like all domestic vehicles, your commercial fleet undergoes annual MOT testing to ensure roadworthiness. Just as with automotive defects, MOT testing is another opportunity to miss out on earnings due to a lack of foresight and planning. By enlisting a fleet management company like our own to track and carry out MOT testing at specific times when the vehicle in question is not needed “out in the field”, you can both make the process a stress-free and painless one, and further optimise your fleet.

So as you can see, there’s a lot that goes into our fleet management services, on offer to clients not just in Sydenham, Beckenham and Penge – but all nearby locales. We’ll keep track of when your vehicles last underwent servicing and MOT testing, so there’s one less thing you need to remember. Also, detailed records of past repairs and diagnostics findings ensure there’s all the relevant information on file should it be required in the future.

To learn more about our fleet management services for Beckenham, Sydenham and Penge, pick up the phone and contact the friendly team at Abbey MOT.