Car Air Conditioning in Beckenham, Penge and South East London

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The air conditioning of your vehicle requires regular servicing and maintenance to keep it running optimally. The air conditioning system has a refrigerant that flows through the system, providing the cool air in the summer and allowing for fast defogging in the winter. Over time, this refrigerant leaks from the system, until your air conditioning ceases to be effective.

Fortunately, the regassing process is a relatively simple one and will see your air conditioning returned to its former condition. It is important to note that modern vehicles are required to take the new R1234yf gas to conform to environmental regulations.

At Abbey MOT we recommend that your vehicle receives an air conditioning regas every 2-3 years. This not only ensures that the system stays running optimally but also keeps the system hygienic. An empty air conditioning system is prone to bacterial build-up, if you ever notice a bad smell coming from the air vents then it is essential to get this looked at as soon as possible.

For any questions to do with your car air conditioning contact Abbey MOT Station serving Beckenham, Penge and all surrounding areas.