Wheel Alignment in Beckenham, Penge and South East London

Have you noticed that your tyres are wearing down much quicker than expected? Have you noticed squealing noises when driving or is your vehicle pulling to one side when driving? These are all symptoms of misaligned wheels and will require correction from a professional technician.

Wheel alignment refers to the angle at which your wheels sit against the vehicle. Misalignment can have a number of causes such as hitting a curb, minor collisions or simply the gradual wear on regular use can all have an impact on your wheel alignment.

There are a number of symptoms of misaligned wheels including:

  • Uneven or excessive tyre wear
  • Vehicle drifting to a particular side when driving
  • Steering wheel sits at an angle when neutral
  • Excessive vibrating in the steering wheel when driving
  • A squealing noise coming from the tyres when driving

If you notice any of these symptoms it is important to get this checked out. Using the latest technology we are able to take precise measurements of your wheels and set them to their correct alignment, eliminating the symptoms associated with misaligned wheels.

If you are have noticed any problems with your vehicle's wheels contact us at Abbey MOT Station.